The Ben-Gurion Motel is a one of a kind apartment hotel in Beer-Sheva. For three years the Ben-Gurion Motel has been giving a warm welcome to the University guests: adjunct professors and lecturers from abroad, and to the guests of Soroka University Medical Center: medical interns from Israel and abroad, and also to the business men of industrial parks in Beer-Sheva. The Vision of the Ben-Gurion Motel is to create a comfortable and affordable apartment hotel that will be suitable both to the vacationers and to the different business men that visit Beer-Sheva. We offer courteous, professional and dedicated care for our guests, and do our best to provide the best solutions for them throughout their stay in Beer-Sheva, solutions for long or short term accommodation in israel south, short term rental in beer sheva

Currently the Ben-Gurion Motel cooperates with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and ‘Baran Engineers’ providing temporary lodgings for their guests. We strive to grow and work collaboratively with other successful businesses in the industrial parks of Ramat Hovav, Industrial Park of Omer, and also with Soroka University Medical Center.

Beer Sheva hotel